Thursday, August 4, 2011

D. K. Jr. Arcade for Intellivision graphics preview

Just a little preview of some sprite graphics I’ve been working on for DK Jr. Arcade for Intellivision. While I am very happy with the results, it may not be possible in the end to render sprites this detailed since they will probably take at least five or six sprites to render, leaving no sprites for the enemies (or Mario at the top of the screen). However, I’ll be doing everything possible to make Jr. one of the most expressive characters ever rendered in an Intellivision game.


  1. WOW! Carl, the graphics look fantastic! I'd love to see DK Jr get a makeover as tremendous as your DK Arcade is going to be for Donkey Kong. That said, is DK Jr as we see it above going to be possible on the INTV?
    Congrats again on the upcoming DK Arcade, I can't wait to play it!

  2. Thanks for the post! I really hope D. K. Jr Arcade will be the same type of upgrade that D. K. Arcade is to Coleco's original version. One thing I will definitely be focusing on is making Jr. the really expressive, detailed character you see above. The Intellivision is indeed capable of displaying these graphics.

    The biggest problem is the shortage of sprites available on Intellivision, which as most of you know is only eight. The sprites above, using a brute force approach, could take as many as five or six to display, leaving an unacceptable amount to render each board's enemies, and especially DK's facial details and Mario at the top.

    However, one of the strengths of the Intellivision is its ability to scale sprites. There are tricks you can employ to get a lot more mileage out of single sprites, and then overlay other, more high-resolution sprites to sort of "chisel out" more detail. This is the approach I hope to take.

    Without a doubt, however, DK Jr. will be making heavy use of multiplexing, which unfortunately really only looks good on the real hardware on old tube TVs.

    But hey, that's the way and Intellivision games were meant to be played!

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