Wednesday, June 22, 2016

MS. PAC-MAN ARCADE for Intellivision
Cartridge Label


Screen 0 Screen 2


  • Binary in ROM and BIN+CFG format (compatible with most Intellivision emulators, the CC3, and the Intellicart),
  • PDF of instruction sheet,
  • PDF of overlay with original artwork,
  • PDF of box cover with original artwork.
  • FULL commented source code.
  • PLIMP tile-map & pixel editor.

"THIS IS FANTASTIC!. … this is probably the best, pure arcade-style game for the system."
Read the Video Game Critic's "A" Review


Arcade Boards 0-3
Extra Boards 0-3
Extra Boards 4-6, Wide Board 7
Wide Boards 1-4
Wide Boards 5-6, Strange Boards 0-1
Strange Boards 2-5


Select from 3 playable characters – Ms. Pac-Man, Pac-Man, or Pac-Man Jr. – each with different strengths and weaknesses!
Silky smooth motion and crisp controls… Arcade-action on the Intellivision has never been this good!
All three intermissions from the arcade, as cute and fun as ever!
Robust options screen, offering endless game-variations and replay value!
Four different maze themes, offering up to 24 screens and 24 food items in all!


By downloading MS. PAC-MAN for Intellivision, you agree to or acknowledge the following:
  • You will give me credit, or at least let me know if you decide to use portions of the source code in any published work.
  • Rather than posting a download link to the binary or source code, you will post a link to this page instead.
  • If you find the source and/or game educational or entertaining, you will (please) consider making a donation.
Download Ms. Pac-Man for Intellivision (source + binary)

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  1. So I assume there is no way to buy a physical release anymore? I'm all about possessing the physical media, unfortunately :/

    1. You can check with; they may still have a few copies available!

    2. Well I went on their ROMS for purchase page, and Ms.Pac-Man isn't one of them sadly :(. Do you think I should contact them and ask? Thanks for replying, what you are doing is incredible and it seriously shows in your work :)

  2. Thanks! You can download the ROM for free above; it is included in the source. If you want a physical copy, I recommend contacting David Harley (of to see if he has any remaining copies. It's possible!

    1. No problem!! I will email David at tomorrow morning. I would play it on an emulator, but I'm not so into it for Atari/Intellivision/Colecovision games. I just recently got an Atari 5200 for example, and I've been purchasing home brew conversions so I can play them on the real hardware. I would like to do the same for the Intellivision, as you have done some amazing work on Ms.Pac-Man and DK/DKJR! Seriously, thank you for all your hard work :)

  3. Just digging back into Intellivision after 30 years, can't believe there's such a robust community! I'm trying to play the free Ms Pac download on jzintv via retropie, but it won't boot the rom nor the bin/cfg (just getting a black screen).

    I have successfully played many other games, but it looks like they're all ".int" files, some with accompanying .cfg. Sorry to ask for support on a free download, but I'm stuck and thought you would want to know.

    Will certainly help spread the word about the game and your other projects if I can get it working. Thanks so much. (twitter: @powerPakBlog)

  4. jzintv should work, providing you have the latest "development version". Check the author's download page and try again.

    1. Thanks for the quick reply. I'll check it out this evening. I set up RetroPie olny a few months ago, v3.4. Not sure I know how to update jzintv only, but I'll check it out. Gotta play this!

    2. Got it working with help from the new RetroPie UK forum. Had to manually update some folders and files, can't do it using RetroPie's intergrated update setup ("Manage Packages"). Super fun version of Ms. Pac with all of the new options. Tweeted about it this morning, will continue to talk about it as I dig in more. Nice work, and thanks.

  5. Looks like a very nice version of the original port. I'm trying to play it on the JZintv GUI but when loading, the screen stays black, and nothing loads, yet the other included test roms work without any problems. Can somebody please suggest a link to get this fixed, thanks.

    1. As discussed above, you need the "development version" of jzIntv in order for Ms. Pac-Man to work. Check the author's homepage. Good luck

  6. The game looks fantastic. Is there any way to change the sounds to be more like that of the actual Ms. Pac-Man, and not based off Namco's console and handheld releases?