Thursday, December 29, 2016

ROCKS! Download Page
Screenshot of Rocks! (Floating) Screenshot of Rocks! (Falling)
Rocks! in floating mode. Ship being chased by pulser and time detonated mine, released by green alien
Rocks! in falling mode. Berzerker has just pulverized a large meteor. Ship recently destroyed the green alien.
During Christmas vacation of 1999, I wrote a game which was inspired by Astrosmash! for the Mattel Intellivision, itself inspired by the classic Atari game "Asteroids". Rocks! has 6 progressively more difficult stages, 4 unique enemies, and two different modes of game play: "floating" in which your ship can move freely about and enemies come from all sides, and "falling" in which you are confined to left-right movement on the ground and enemies come from the top of the screen. This is a good example of my OOP graphics library I had developed in the early 90s, my recently acquired understanding of trigonometry and physics, my high-speed bitmap scaling and rotation routines, and a simple sound effects engine which works on three different sound cards (Adlib, SoundBlaster, and the Gravis Ultrasound).

Here are the keys used to control your ship, change the volume, and pause or exit the game:

KEYPAD + Increase volume KEYPAD - Decrease volume
ENTER Pause game A Toggle Auto-fire On/Off
SPACEBAR Fire CTRL Hyperspace!
RIGHT ARROW Rotate ship clockwise LEFT ARROW Rotate ship counter-clockwise
UP ARROW Thrust DOWN ARROW Counter-thrust
ESC Quit game


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Download ROCKS! for MS-DOS (DOSBox included)

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

D1K ARCADE ROM Download Page
Cartridge Label

Pie Factory Elevators


DK Grabbing Girl
  • Binary in ROM and BIN+CFG format (compatible with most Intellivision emulators, the CC3, and the Intellicart),
  • PDF of instruction sheet,
  • PDF of overlay with original artwork,
  • PDF of box cover with original artwork.

Girl Yelling Help "CLASSIC GAMERS ARE IN FOR A SHOCK. This cartridge is every bit as challenging, addictive, and fun as the arcade original."
Read the Video Game Critic's "A" Review
DK Climbing "IF YOU HAVE AN INTELLIVISION, GET THIS GAME! If you don’t have an Intellivision, get one and then get this game."
Read Retro Video Gamer's 10 out of 10 Review
Game of the Year 2011 "DK ARCADE IS THE BEST OF THE BUNCH. DK ARCADE shows what Coleco should have done back in the day."
Read the "Game of the Year 2011" thread on Atariage

Barrels BARRELS …DK's tantrum has crushed and warped five levels of girders, turning them into a nightmare of ramps and rolling barrels! Jump for your life or grab a hammer and start smashing!
Pie Factory PIE FACTORY …Treacherous conveyors, leaping flames, and "pies" that look almost good enough to eat… but don't be fooled! These trays of cement are massively dangerous!
Elevators ELEVATORS …Two fast-moving columns of elevators and some nasty fireballs await you. Take the easy way out but be wary of the springs.
Rivets RIVETS …Your only chance to reunite yourself with your loved one! Dismantle the structure by pulling out the support rivets and give the big ape a concussion he won't soon forget!

Fire Bullet Select from 3 playable characters – Mario, Bruno, or Toni – each with different strengths and weaknesses!
Fire Bullet Silky smooth motion and crisp controls… Arcade-action on the Intellivision has never been this good!
Fire Bullet Never before heard digital samples: Hear two distinct "growls", the girl cry for "HELP!"… and more!
Fire Bullet Never before heard musical scores: Title, Game Over, and an alternate "victory" melody!
Fire Bullet Arcade-quality enemy AI and timing… even "control" the barrels, Steve Wiebe-style, just like in King of Kong!
Fire Bullet Two game variations, "USA" and "Japan", each with their own high-score!


By downloading the D1K ARCADE ROM, you agree to or acknowledge the following:
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  • If you find a game educational or entertaining you will ( please) consider making a donation.
  • The ROM requires additional software or hardware to play -- emulators such as Nostalgia or jzIntv, or devices such as the CC3, LTO Flash! or Intellicart.

Download DK ARCADE for Intellivision

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