Thursday, December 29, 2016

ROCKS! Download Page
Screenshot of Rocks! (Floating) Screenshot of Rocks! (Falling)
Rocks! in floating mode. Ship being chased by pulser and time detonated mine, released by green alien
Rocks! in falling mode. Berzerker has just pulverized a large meteor. Ship recently destroyed the green alien.
During Christmas vacation of 1999, I wrote a game which was inspired by Astrosmash! for the Mattel Intellivision, itself inspired by the classic Atari game "Asteroids". Rocks! has 6 progressively more difficult stages, 4 unique enemies, and two different modes of game play: "floating" in which your ship can move freely about and enemies come from all sides, and "falling" in which you are confined to left-right movement on the ground and enemies come from the top of the screen. This is a good example of my OOP graphics library I had developed in the early 90s, my recently acquired understanding of trigonometry and physics, my high-speed bitmap scaling and rotation routines, and a simple sound effects engine which works on three different sound cards (Adlib, SoundBlaster, and the Gravis Ultrasound).

Here are the keys used to control your ship, change the volume, and pause or exit the game:

KEYPAD + Increase volume KEYPAD - Decrease volume
ENTER Pause game A Toggle Auto-fire On/Off
SPACEBAR Fire CTRL Hyperspace!
RIGHT ARROW Rotate ship clockwise LEFT ARROW Rotate ship counter-clockwise
UP ARROW Thrust DOWN ARROW Counter-thrust
ESC Quit game


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  • If you find the game educational or entertaining you will ( please) consider making a donation.
Download ROCKS! for MS-DOS (DOSBox included)

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