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D2K ARCADE ROM for Intellivision D2K ARCADE ROM Page
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Copyright (C) 2016, Homebrew, Inc.

The Mixer The Refinery


Player Jumping
  • Binary in LUIGI format (encrypted specifically for your LTO Flash!),
  • PDF of full-color instruction booklet,
  • PNG of overlay with original artwork,
  • PNG of box front & back with original artwork.

Girl Yelling Help "D2K ARCADE MUST BE SEEN TO BE BELIEVED. This dream-of-a-homebrew is a must-have for all classic gaming enthusiasts."
Read the Video Game Critic's "A+" Review
DK Climbing "YES, THAT'S RIGHT, COLECOVISION AND NES OWNERS, your versions of the game…now take a back seat to this classy new cartridge…"
Read Brett Weiss's 5 out of 5 Review
Goofy Kong "D2K LOOKS, PLAYS, AND SOUNDS GREAT. I'm really impressed with the kind of quality they can squeeze out of an Intellivision cartridge!"

The Foundry THE FOUNDRY …Jump over flaming pits, ride moving steel beams, and dodge shooting fireballs!
The Incinerator THE INCINERATOR …Multiple conveyors deliver trash to a burning pit. If you stop moving you'll be headed down there too!
Barrels BARRELS …DK's tantrum has crushed and warped five levels of girders, turning them into a nightmare of ramps and rolling barrels! Jump for your life or grab a hammer and start smashing!
Pie Factory PIE FACTORY …Treacherous conveyors, leaping flames, and "pies" that look almost good enough to eat… but don't be fooled! These trays of cement are massively dangerous!
Elevators ELEVATORS …Two fast-moving columns of elevators and some nasty fireballs await you. Take the easy way out but be wary of the springs.
Rivets RIVETS …Your only chance to reunite yourself with your loved one! Dismantle the structure by pulling out the support rivets and give the big ape a concussion he won't soon forget!
Twisted Girders TWISTED GIRDERS …DK has "twisted" five more levels of girders! Barrels bounce high and come at you from both directions while flames rain down on you from above!
The Mixer THE MIXER …A mixer tops off empty "pie" plates while full ones twirl down from the sky! Master the timing of the stopping conveyor or risk an embarrassing tumble into a tray full of cement!
The Refinery THE REFINERY …Oil, gas, and an array of safety valves… this level has "danger" written all over it! Outwit DK by putting out fires at the top of both towers… before the timer runs out!
Rivets TRIPLE ELEVATORS… Three elevator columns separate you from narrow structures guarded by merciless fireballs! Span treacherous gaps while dodging a barrage of madly bouncing springs!
Rivets THE ELIMINATOR …Only appearing on level 3, this is DK's final attempt to "eliminate" you. Don't be afraid of the blue fire… it won't hurt you - unlike everything else!

Fire Bullet Select from 3 playable characters – Mario, Bruno, or Toni – each with different strengths and weaknesses!
Fire Bullet Silky smooth motion and crisp controls… Arcade-action on the Intellivision has never been this good!
Fire Bullet Never before heard digital samples: Hear two distinct "growls", the girl cry for "HELP!"… and more!
Fire Bullet Never before heard musical scores: Title, Game Over, and an alternate "victory" melody!
Fire Bullet Arcade-quality enemy AI and timing… even "control" the barrels, Steve Wiebe-style, just like in King of Kong!
Fire Bullet Two game variations, "classic" and "sequel", each with their own high-score!


By accepting the D2K Special Edition ROM, you agree to or acknowledge the following:
  • The ROM is for your personal use only. It is not to be distributed or sold to others under any circumstances.
  • The ROM requires your LTO Flash! to function, using the DRUID supplied at time of purchase; therefore it will not function under emulation or someone else's LTO Flash!.

To receive the D2K Special Edition ROM, please do the following:
  • Make a donation of at least $20 using the donate button on the right.
  • Email to let me know you want the special edition ROM and supply the first five characters of your LTO Flash!'s DRUID (unique ID that can be found in the LTO Flash!'s GUI or menu).
  • I will send the encrypted ROM to you, and all associated PDFs and images as listed above, to the email address you use to notify me.

Intellivision and the Running Man logo are registered trademarks ® of Intellivision Productions, Inc.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Now studying M68K programming

"The Ultimate M68K Cheat Sheet" is a document heavily influenced by MarkeyJester's work, who used a real Genesis to determine cycle counts for all M68K instructions with every source and destination operand possible.

My ultimate cheat sheet attempts to do the same, but ultra-compacts the information into as few tables as possible (31 tables to be exact, covering 9 pages) and incorporates notes from the famous "68000.pdf" (author unknown) floating around, making the beginner's difficult journey to mastering the M68K a whole lot easier.

By studying this document, you also learn what combinations of operands are possible for each instruction, and the cycle cost/availability as a byte, a word, or a long word operation. (For instance, "–/8/8" means that a byte version is not available, but a word and a longword is available at 8 cycles.)

To download my "ultimate" M68K cheat sheet, first donate $5 by using the button on the right, then click here.

I've also taking a similar approach to programming the Genesis's VDP, by documenting different registers and techniques (such as DMA operations) into small, compact tables that take no more than 4 pages.

To download my "ultimate" Genesis VDP cheat sheet, first donate $5 by using the button on the right, then click here.

Also, for practicing M68K assembly, I have been rewriting/improving existing decompression code found in Sonic the Hedgehog 1 (and apparently used by many other games such as Golden Axe), whose source is freely available.

  • "Nemesis" is compression is used for compressing sprite and tile graphics. It does so by creating a library of "brushes", essentially color indices paired with repeat counts. The more common these occur, the shorter the opcode used to indicate them. Opcodes are packed together, making for little waste. You can read more about it here .

    To download my improved Nemesis decompression code for use with Sonic 1: click here.

  • Kosinski decompression can be read about here.

    To download my improved Kosinski decompression code for use with Sonic 1: click here.

  • "Enigma" is used to compress backgrounds (collections of nametable attribute words). The entries are mainly compacted by encoding only those bits that the compression cares about (like declining to code for priority or x- or y-mirror bits, or just making the tile index use fewer bits than its maximum of 11). As usual, data is presented as a stream of bits, so there is little waste.

    To download my improved Enigma decompression code for use with Sonic 1: click here